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Country Girls & Tattoos

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While you might rarely find a country girl wearing high heels, satin dresses, or expensive purses, we are known to carry a discreet tattoo. But here’s the secret, we might not keep our tattoos in plain visibility. They could be on our ribs, hips, or even back. They have to be really sexy, with flowers or cute sayings. Most country girls could have trucks with big mud tires or the confederate flag.

Why a Tattoo Should Represent Your Personality? —

Anything that your going to get on your body that is going to be permanent should always mean something to you, and be apart of your daily life. I’ve seen a lot of tattoo’s that people regret getting because there is no point to it. personally I am going to get a quote that means something to me. getting naked girls or silly cartons just doesn’t make any sence to me.

Tattoos are Forever (Unless You Surgically Remove) —

When going to get a tattoo you should always make sure it’s exactly what you want. The best thing about tattoos are that it will represent your personality on how you feel. There is a chance that later in life you will regret getting that one silly tattoo that you got when you turned 18 just to piss your parents off, or was a little to drunk to ever remember getting it. so make sure you over think the whole tattoo, or else tour going to end up old and wrinkly with a bunch of tattoos that look very dumb.

Keeping Your Tattoo Feminine —

You can’t get a tattoo that has skulls and flames all over it. it has to be pretty with pretty lettering and some flowers, butterfly or hearts. you don’t want to have a guy’s tattoo and look like an idiot.

How to Trust Your Tattoo Artist —

All tattoo artists are different in many ways. the one you choose has to be clean and good at drawing. you can get a disease very easily and you don’t want that. to get the best performance you might just have to spend a little extra money, and also make sure youve seen some of their work you go.

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Casting the line

I love the feeling of waking up first thing in the morning, with the cool breeze blowing in the air. Packing your pole and tackle box to head down to the lake. If you plan on fishing all day you might want to make sure you have the patience for it. some days you get lucky and some days you don’t. I usually just use a standard hook and worm, I my favorite is the good ol’ cast master for catching the big bass. The best way to get the fish caught on your line is to jerk your pole up and start reeling in. Once the fish is getting reeled up you take your little net and scoop it out of the water. Some people like to snap the neck of the fish so it doesn’t jump around everywhere, but I take a hook and put it through the gill out the mouth and I put it back into the water so it can live a little bit longer. After your big catch of the day you clean up your things, grab your fish, and head home.

When its time to gut out the fish you take a little pairing knife, slice the head off, and also put a cut from the beginning of the tail to where the head used to be. cleaning all the black stuff and guts is kinda of gross, but you can easily get a hang of it. you can either wrap your fish in tin foil with lemons or your choice of spice, or you can just get a fry pan and fry it up and its all ready to go.

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This is one of my favorite songs, it reminds me of the warm summer days, and standing by a hot fire at night.

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What us Girls See In the Boys

Today in class I interviewed my friend, Brittney Hackley:

Q: When looking for a Country boy, what do you usually look for?

A: “I like a man who drives a sexy truck, they gotta be a hard worker (so they can buy me nice things), they also have to have that sexy country boy accent that I love.”

Q: If you had a choice of hair color for your man what would it be?

A: “It would have to be blond or dirty blond, Because all the guys I’ve ever had feelings for have been blonds.”

Q: What style of cloths do you like him to wear?

A: “They have to be wearing Chippewa boots, an orange hat, a white tee-shirt, and the tee-shirt has to be tucked into some blue jeans with a Farm-all belt buckle. and they also have to smell delicious!”

Q: What kind of personality should they have?

A: “My man has to be silly, out going, a sweetheart, and able to make me laugh when ever I am sad”

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The Waiting Game

On Tuesday, November 6th, my good friend and I went out at 4:30 in the morning to go hunting. It was still dark out and very quiet, and the cold wind burned as it drifted across my naked hands. Before we went in to the woods, Caleb and I went over the checklist we made to make sure we had everything for the trip:

1: Extra gloves and clothing to keep warm.

2: Food and water.

3: Extra bullets, and a knife.

4: Compass.

5: Lighter

6: Most importantly, your gun and cell phone.

There are many techniques and strategies to hunt with. The one we used was sitting under a nice, comfy tree with our guns in our lap. With hunting,  it’s all a waiting game, you either walk out empty handed or get a 12 point buck. A lot of people now a days don’t have the time or the patients to go out and have a good time in the woods. I will have to admit that i am one of those people. But for some reason when i get into the woods, its like home and it calms me down. I love being out side exploring things and getting dinner for the night

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A day of Bailing Hay: Part 2

The third step of haying is raking all the hay up that you just spread out. This job is the funest to do, because it’s pretty much a form of art. You have to rake all the hay up into rows and if you mess this part up you have to restart the whole thing. By the time you change out the tedder to the rake, it’s about noon time and your stomach feels like its turning inside out because you’re starving from all this hard work. This job takes about an hour to do; you can put the tractor into 3rd gear with the throttle all the way down where with teddering you have it slapped into 1ts gear with throttle half way. You repeat these two steps of teddering and raking over and over again until the hay is dry.

Around 6 o’clock the grass is ready to be made into hay bails. This is the worst part in every step you have to do. You’ll have the international hooked up to a kicker with a trailer behind the kicker. The kicker is a scary machine that bails the hay, and then kicks it straight up into the air onto the trailer where you have to catch the bail and stack it neatly. In the process of all of this you are dripping with sweat, getting knocked over by the bails, getting your arms covered in scratches, and Debris in your eyes and all over yourself. After you have filled a whole trailer you will either deliver it or throw it up into the hot barn, which is just like an oven. The whole time you are doing this your are itchy, hot, and very thirsty, but in the life of a farmer there aren’t really any break times you can take.

After a long day of work, making about 100$ for one day, you finally get to go home and enjoy the rest of your day. But the smart thing to do is go to bed early because you have to wake up and do it all over again. That’s the life of a hayer, and I am a girl and even I can do it, but most Americans are really lazy and probably wouldn’t survive on the farm.

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A Day of Bailing Hay: Part 1

When you roll out of bed at 6:30 in the morning,  smell that fresh brewing coffee to keep your tired eyes awake, you eventually start up the Chevy and drive to the field and see the heat rising off the tall grass, you know you’re in for one hell of a day.

Before firing up the ol’ tractor, you have to make sure all the damp droplets of due have been melted away by the sun. After you know the pasture is nice and dry, you start up the good reliable international tractor. This is the tractor you’re going to cut your crop with. These tractors are the worst when it comes to weather. You have the sun beating down on you making you have a miserable morning. When the hay is down its all a waiting game from there, you have to wait about two hours for the grass to become some what dried out. While I’m waiting for that I usually take a nap in the bed of my truck and get some nice cold water in my system. I also usually bring my dog with me and she’ll sleep with her head on my stomach, watching my every move

After the grass has been down for a couple hours, you start up the little Massey tractor, back that thing up to what we call a tedder. Now the tedders job is to spread all the grass out so that as the humid sun raises high in the sky it will dry a lot faster.  This job takes about an hour to an hour and 30 minutes, the worst part about it is you are going around in circles with nothing to protect you from the blistering sun. I usually wear a pare of blue jeans, my boots and a white tee shirt with the sleeves ripped off. If you wear shorts your legs will get these little tiny cuts from where the hay stabs into you when it get dry enough. The best thing to grab before headed out the door is sun screen, or you’ll will get very burnt.


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