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A day of Bailing Hay: Part 2

on November 1, 2012

The third step of haying is raking all the hay up that you just spread out. This job is the funest to do, because it’s pretty much a form of art. You have to rake all the hay up into rows and if you mess this part up you have to restart the whole thing. By the time you change out the tedder to the rake, it’s about noon time and your stomach feels like its turning inside out because you’re starving from all this hard work. This job takes about an hour to do; you can put the tractor into 3rd gear with the throttle all the way down where with teddering you have it slapped into 1ts gear with throttle half way. You repeat these two steps of teddering and raking over and over again until the hay is dry.

Around 6 o’clock the grass is ready to be made into hay bails. This is the worst part in every step you have to do. You’ll have the international hooked up to a kicker with a trailer behind the kicker. The kicker is a scary machine that bails the hay, and then kicks it straight up into the air onto the trailer where you have to catch the bail and stack it neatly. In the process of all of this you are dripping with sweat, getting knocked over by the bails, getting your arms covered in scratches, and Debris in your eyes and all over yourself. After you have filled a whole trailer you will either deliver it or throw it up into the hot barn, which is just like an oven. The whole time you are doing this your are itchy, hot, and very thirsty, but in the life of a farmer there aren’t really any break times you can take.

After a long day of work, making about 100$ for one day, you finally get to go home and enjoy the rest of your day. But the smart thing to do is go to bed early because you have to wake up and do it all over again. That’s the life of a hayer, and I am a girl and even I can do it, but most Americans are really lazy and probably wouldn’t survive on the farm.


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