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What us Girls See In the Boys

on November 19, 2012

Today in class I interviewed my friend, Brittney Hackley:

Q: When looking for a Country boy, what do you usually look for?

A: “I like a man who drives a sexy truck, they gotta be a hard worker (so they can buy me nice things), they also have to have that sexy country boy accent that I love.”

Q: If you had a choice of hair color for your man what would it be?

A: “It would have to be blond or dirty blond, Because all the guys I’ve ever had feelings for have been blonds.”

Q: What style of cloths do you like him to wear?

A: “They have to be wearing Chippewa boots, an orange hat, a white tee-shirt, and the tee-shirt has to be tucked into some blue jeans with a Farm-all belt buckle. and they also have to smell delicious!”

Q: What kind of personality should they have?

A: “My man has to be silly, out going, a sweetheart, and able to make me laugh when ever I am sad”


One response to “What us Girls See In the Boys

  1. i feel as if brittney never said any of these things hhhmmmmm???

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