Life of a Country Girl

Nothing but the truth

Casting the line

on November 30, 2012

I love the feeling of waking up first thing in the morning, with the cool breeze blowing in the air. Packing your pole and tackle box to head down to the lake. If you plan on fishing all day you might want to make sure you have the patience for it. some days you get lucky and some days you don’t. I usually just use a standard hook and worm, I my favorite is the good ol’ cast master for catching the big bass. The best way to get the fish caught on your line is to jerk your pole up and start reeling in. Once the fish is getting reeled up you take your little net and scoop it out of the water. Some people like to snap the neck of the fish so it doesn’t jump around everywhere, but I take a hook and put it through the gill out the mouth and I put it back into the water so it can live a little bit longer. After your big catch of the day you clean up your things, grab your fish, and head home.

When its time to gut out the fish you take a little pairing knife, slice the head off, and also put a cut from the beginning of the tail to where the head used to be. cleaning all the black stuff and guts is kinda of gross, but you can easily get a hang of it. you can either wrap your fish in tin foil with lemons or your choice of spice, or you can just get a fry pan and fry it up and its all ready to go.


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