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Country Girls & Tattoos

on December 11, 2012

imagesCA5RTMERNot City But Country Cool

While you might rarely find a country girl wearing high heels, satin dresses, or expensive purses, we are known to carry a discreet tattoo. But here’s the secret, we might not keep our tattoos in plain visibility. They could be on our ribs, hips, or even back. They have to be really sexy, with flowers or cute sayings. Most country girls could have trucks with big mud tires or the confederate flag.

Why a Tattoo Should Represent Your Personality? —

Anything that your going to get on your body that is going to be permanent should always mean something to you, and be apart of your daily life. I’ve seen a lot of tattoo’s that people regret getting because there is no point to it. personally I am going to get a quote that means something to me. getting naked girls or silly cartons just doesn’t make any sence to me.

Tattoos are Forever (Unless You Surgically Remove) —

When going to get a tattoo you should always make sure it’s exactly what you want. The best thing about tattoos are that it will represent your personality on how you feel. There is a chance that later in life you will regret getting that one silly tattoo that you got when you turned 18 just to piss your parents off, or was a little to drunk to ever remember getting it. so make sure you over think the whole tattoo, or else tour going to end up old and wrinkly with a bunch of tattoos that look very dumb.

Keeping Your Tattoo Feminine —

You can’t get a tattoo that has skulls and flames all over it. it has to be pretty with pretty lettering and some flowers, butterfly or hearts. you don’t want to have a guy’s tattoo and look like an idiot.

How to Trust Your Tattoo Artist —

All tattoo artists are different in many ways. the one you choose has to be clean and good at drawing. you can get a disease very easily and you don’t want that. to get the best performance you might just have to spend a little extra money, and also make sure youve seen some of their work you go.


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